Cor Shi Go

A Scarlet Hero


Cor Shi Go (aka “Manastorm”)
Race: Human
Class(es): Wizard 2
XP: 4

HP: 1/8
AC: 9

Attack Bonus: +0 (1/3)
Fray Die: d4

STR:13+1 DEX: 12+0 CON:13+1 INT:18+3 WIS:5 -2 CHA:17+2

Traits (5 points): Teacher Wizard +1, Sage(Arcane) +2, Adventurer +1, Good-looking +1, Ageless +1

Languages: Low Imperial, High Imperial

Spells Prepared (2-1st): Seven Small Thunders (L1), Amber Cloud of Somnolence (L1)

Goal: Become the richest, most powerful, arch-emperor, live in the greatest castle , surrounded with army of beautiful women while reading in the greatest library.

(Short Term):

  • Find the secret of shou(believes they are magically created but not how?)
  • uncover ancient secrets of magic
  • destroy the red tide( it will prevent long term goals)
  • become ageless

Spell Book:

  • The Least Alchemy of Forms (L1)
  • Seven Small Thunders (L1),
  • Calling Forth the Spirit Slave (L1)
  • The Daifu’s Bright Mantle (L1)
  • Amber Cloud of Somnolence (L1)


  • Fine Clothes
  • Backpack
  • Staff
  • Spell Book
  • Camp Gear
  • Waterskin
  • Dagger
  • 50ft Rope Ladder
  • 5 Torches
  • Flint & Steel
  • 3 Pints of Oil
  • 15 GP , 8SP
  • 4 Gems (50 GP each)
  • Scroll of “Lens of the Enlightened Scribe” (Read Languages)
  • Horse-Drawn Wagon
  • 17 Days of Travel Rations

Lightly Encumbered


Cor Shi Go was a normal apprentice he keep asking one of the teacher if there was a easy way to gain power over and over one day while his teacher was drunk he was giving the key to the vault. the headmaster was furious when when he found out as they rush to the vault they discover him not only alive but fully in control of his magic. after much testing he was allowed to take the final exam. Which he pass with flying colors. to keep a eye on him they gave him a job as a teacher and after two years. they finial allowed him to leave as he reach the legal age of 16 . unknown to him the other teachers are worried for they like him and he is a expert in magical theory.

He has great knowledge of arcane but lacks wisdom.

To this day the headmaster and his teacher do not know what he used that imparted his knowledge.

But he had to relearn low imperial also he speaks high Imperial with ancient accent

Cor Shi Go

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